Why Integrative Medicine?

Your body is a composite of water, light, empty space, and matter, moving through an environment of water, light, air, and earth. As new breakthroughs in physics, physical chemistry, genetics, and psychoneuroimmunology emerge, so do new paradigms for our understanding of human health and disease.


Integrative Functional Medicine brings together traditional and alternative medicine, ancient and modern, body and mind. It looks at you, your life, and your health within the broadest context possible, your personal and family history, your diet, your environment.

Science is giving us a new terminology for our conversation about the body and bringing a fresh vocabulary which speaks to the language of metaphor from ancient healing traditions.


Dr. Cooke is a lover of the oceans and waterways. One of her greatest joys is sailing on the sea or swimming in warm saltwater. As such, she is fond of nautical metaphors. You are the captain of your own body-boat, crossing the ocean of life, master or mistress of your own destiny and destination. Dr. Cooke will stand by as shipmate on your journey, helping you to put your body-boat in trim. We can’t make the wind blow, but we can prime the boat, trim the sails, to help navigate in either calm or in turbulent times, to steer towards safe harbor.