Meet the Team

Dr. Cooke

A lover of nature and music, Dr. Cooke believes in aligning people with their natural rhythms. Some of the most accessible resources we have for such connection are animals, trees, and flowering plants. The beautiful garden view from her office, its quietness, and the frequent presence of her dog Peep, all create an environment conducive to such alignment.

Functional Medicine Doctor, Holistic Practitioner, Alternative Medicine Doctor in New York City


Magan joined Dr. Cooke’s practice in November of 2023 and has proven herself able on all fronts. Magan is currently the chief front office assistant who handles all scheduling, as well as scribing, special requests, and more. She transmits her cheerful, welcoming and attentive demeanor through the voice and brings her background in nursing to bear on patient interactions.


Jomarly Bulado had worked full-time with Dr. Cooke for nearly 3 years when she went on to new horizons. However, she and the doctor have maintained contact and Jomarly kindly helps out on occasion when the need arises. She endeared herself to patients who have interacted with her on the phone. Her patience and gentle voice radiate kindness and transmit reassurance to all.

Photo of Assistant to a Functional Medicine Doctor in NYC

Nurse with Ozone & IV Therapy in a Holistic Medicine Clinic in NYC


Carole Johnson RN, L.Ac., has 35 years of nursing experience under her belt, including Oncology nursing, ozone therapy since the1980s, as well as with multiple IV nutrient therapies including ozone, high dose vitamin C, and various nutrients.

She has good hands and Dr. Cooke is thrilled to have her on board.


The Doctor Whisperer, Sharon Fekete has worked remotely with the practice since 2016 as Practice Management Consultant. I think of Sharon as my first mate on board the boat that is the medical practice. You can learn more about Sharon on her website at

Photo of Sharon Fekete, Manager of holistic medicine clinic in NYC

Listen to her recent interview with Dr. Cooke:

Photo of Nurse Consultant on IV Phosphatidylcholine and Ozone Therapy


Consulting RN, Anzhela first came to the practice August of 2019 with a solid background in ER and hospital nursing.  Dr. Cooke calls upon her from time to time for her expert input on IV therapies.


Chong, IT guy for the office, has been in the background as IT angel for 14 years now. He has a steady hand on the rudder when cyber storms hit that I couldn’t navigate without him.

Photo of IT Technician of holistic medicine clinic in New York City offering Ozone Therapy

Photo of therapy dog in a holistic, alternative, and functional medicine clinic in NYC


Therapy dog in training, enjoying the garden view between patients.