Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder characterized by unexplained, irregular or altered bowel habits and recurrent abdominal pain. While the jury is still out on its definitive causes, some people with IBS have evidence of microscopic inflammation, chronic infection, abnormal bacterial balance in the colon, or stress factors which aggravate their condition.

Conventionally, IBS is treated through the use of dietary bulking agents and medically with medications such as spasmolytics, and sometimes antidepressants.

Dr. Cooke reviews your history with respect to onset of the IBS symptoms, its recurrence pattern over time, and reviews your diet. She has sometimes identified chronic infections which, when treated, significantly lessened and even resolved IBS symptoms. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, as well as acupuncture, have all helped at various times to manage the stress component of this condition.