Men’s Issues

Men are minority consumers in the general medical outpatient setting. By most estimates, women represent 60 to75% of outpatient consumers in the US. We will leave the reasons for this to the sociologists.

Whether it’s a decrease in energy, or systems running down, running aground, or sleep just not what it used to be, or body aches, etc, it is Dr.Cooke’s pleasure to work with her male clients. She sees a number of engineers, artists, academics, business professionals, and others, among her male clients.

During her clinical years at Tulane Medical School, she enjoyed her rotations in neurology, general medicine, and urology at the Veterans Administration Hospital of New Orleans. This experience, along with growing up on a farm, extensive travel, and a general appreciation for variety as the spice of life have helped her to develop an ease of approach to men and women alike.