American Academy of Ozonotherapy. From the website, “Ozonotherapy has been and continues to be used in European clinics and hospitals for over fifty years. It was even used here in the United States in a limited capacity in the early part of the 20th century. There are professional medical ozonotherapy societies in over ten countries worldwide. Recently, the International Scientific Committee on Ozonotherapy (ISCO3) was formed to help establish standardized scientific principles for ozonotherapy. The president of the AAO, Frank Shallenberger, MD is a founding member of the ISCO3.” Ozone dissociates in the blood in to oxygen and a reactive oxygen radical which combines with intermediates of metabolism, the combined effect of which is to act as a biological response modifier.


Independent Doctors of New York, of which Dr. Cooke is a founding member, for a listing of board-certified physicians, completely independent of managed care contracts, who have earned reputations for excellence in their respective fields and are on staff at the finest New York hospitals.


American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, for a nationwide listing of Medical Acupuncturists, as well as educational material of acupuncture.


Dr. Cooke has had the privilege of sharing the office at 35A East 35th St with Todd Edelson, PT, since 2012.  Todd is New York City’s only certified McKenzie clinic and he brings a very broad background of experience and accomplishments to the table.  He knows the musculoskeletal anatomy as well as anyone Dr. Cooke has ever met and it is this deep knowing which is the foundation of his success.  One woman with 15 years of head tremor resolved completely over the course of 4 sessions with Todd with focused neck exercises.   It’s all about helping people help themselves which Todd does so well.   


The Medical Society of the State of New York advocates for health related rights and responsibilities. Check out their website on topical issues.


Ranked #1 in New York in US News and World Report in 2020, visit the NY-Presbyterian Hospital website for a listing of practitioners and specialty services.


PCRM, Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, was founded and is led by Dr. Neal Barnard for whom I have great respect. Dr. Barnard espouses the plant-based diet which arises from environment and ethical concerns with a strong spiritual orientation.


The Price-Pottenger Research Foundation is based on the work of dentist Weston Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger whose combined archives of clinical case studies and field research shaped a varied diet prescription based on whole foods which are organic and taken raw in many cases. The website offers a wealth of reading and research links.