Since I enrolled with FullScript in 2017, patients using it have reported quite strong satisfaction with the user-friendliness of online ordering, timely delivery, and the array of offerings through the site. FullScript offers great advantages in ordering, including with respect to individualizing instructions. Additionally, I have requested a 10% discount across the board to defray the cost of shipping.

This service is for your convenience to use as desired. FullScript pre-screens their suppliers to guarantee a level of product integrity. There are simply too many supplements out there on the market for a practitioner to individually evaluate.

If you are not a patient of Dr. Cooke and elect to use this service, you are advised to seek professional guidance on which supplements to take and at what frequency and doses.  The doctor is not responsible for the consequences of autonomous decisions with respect to self-prescribing.

Full disclosure: Please be informed that FullScript does offer a percentage of sales to the physicians.  This is the cost of increased efficiency.

The company was founded in 2006 and has maintained a strong research-based orientation with an emphasis on ongoing clinical trials.  The majority of their products are oriented toward mitochondrial function, inflammatory and immune support, as well as detoxification. 

Researched Nutritionals’ products are sold exclusively to healthcare professionals. If your doctor has asked to you to order products directly from Researched Nutritionals, you will need the physician-supplied authorization code.

Olive leaf extract is on Dr. Cooke’s top 10 list of Mother Nature’s gift to mankind. Dr. Cooke first learned about East Park Research in 1998 through a Botanical Listserv. Many of the doctors on the platform praised their d-lenolate for its superior performance. Dr. Cooke has had extensive experience with it in a variety of settings with very gratifying results.

After 26 years of recommending this product to hundreds of patients and friends, only in February of 2024 did we set up a code “OLIVES2GO” for direct ordering with 15% discount and free shipping.