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After several years of difficulty in obtaining phosphatidylcholine [PC] (Essentiale) for IV administration, it is finally back in the office.  This was first administered in our office in 2012 with gratifying results for many of those who tried it.  

Phosphatidylcholine is the primary of 4 phospholipids that constitute the cell membrane.  Every cell of the body is enclosed within a membrane composed of a lipid bilayer that acts both as a protective and selective barrier.  It allows for the smooth transit of substances critical to the intracellular environment and signaling processes.  However, over the course of years, undesirable substances can become entrapped in the lipid bilayer, impeding the flow of nutrients, biochemicals, and hormones.  

One metaphor for good health is that of good cell-to-cell communication.  The administration of PC can produce a washout effect, clearing the cell membranes, and restoring it toward normal function.  

The structure of the phospholipid (PL), a miracle of nature in its design and function, consists of a hydrophilic (attracted to water) head, and two hydrophobic (repelled by water) tails.  The PLs arrange themselves in a bilayer, tails in the center, heads facing outward towards the external membrane surface, and inward toward the internal membrane surface.  

Another aspect of the membrane’s elegant design is the presence of receptors and ion channels which facilitate signaling across the outer and inner environment of the cell.  

I anticipate your questions….

Who can benefit from IV phosphatidylcholine?  

Those with post-infectious symptoms that are not quitting or are evolving, especially with respect to brain fog, headache, or neuropathies, may benefit.  Or those with similar symptoms of unknown etiology.  

Can I take phosphatidylcholine orally instead? 

Yes, you may, and it may help, although the benefit is typically slower.  The quality of the oral supplement must be assessed carefully as many brands are substandard.

Do I have to have lab testing? 

If you haven’t had lab work in more than a couple of months, the doctor prefers to see these for baseline.  An essential fatty acid profile may also be requested.  

Is this covered by my insurance?

That depends upon each individual policy.  Treatment is paid at the time of the visit and a superbill will be given subsequent to the visit for submission to your insurer.  

If you or anyone known to you are interested in scheduling or have further questions, please call the office at 212-213-0288 or send an email to office@drclaudiacooke.com

Wishing you well,

Dr. Claudia Cooke

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