Now that the major holidays are behind us and we have several weeks before the start of summer, it’s a great opportunity to clean and clear, not only the spaces we inhabit, but the body which we inhabit.  You are not the body, but you have a body.  You are one with the infinite ocean of Bliss, of Love, of that which we call God.   We just forget it much of the time.  Our challenge is to live and move in the world and yet realize that in some very real sense, we are dwelling in eternity at the level of our souls.  

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Now ask that Holy Breath to breathe with you and through you.  Enjoy this moment.  Say to yourself, “This is my precious body.”  

How can you best honor your body, your life?  What have you been neglecting?  Too many indiscretions with what you eat or drink?  Not enough rest or too much?  Not enough exercise or too much?  Or too much time since you indulged your creative life?

A structured approach to a spring cleansing diet is a good way to kick-start things which have been fallow back into action.   A one-week diet is great.  A two-week diet is even better.  A three-week diet, great.  You might be feeling so great within just a couple of weeks, you may want to carry some of the changes further into the season.  

Let me be clear, by diet I am not talking about weight loss, although that’s likely to be a by-product of the changes.  

Intermittent fasting is something which I introduced to many of my patients since 2014.  There are many ways to do intermittent fasting and exploring these options is worthwhile.   Or you may be someone who tried it and failed or who doesn’t even want to go there.  Let me help you tailor a diet to your needs and sensitivities.  

The foundation of the approach is the food which you choose.  However, a modicum of well-selected supplements is a valuable adjunct and will go a long way toward assisting the liver, the kidney, and gut, in sum, assisting the body’s native detoxification pathways and processes.  

Feel free to explore the Fullscript platform for some of these adjuncts.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to enlist Dr. Cooke’s guidance with your regimen.  

Please note that not all supplements are advised uniformly or to be taken at one time.  Depending upon a given individual’s terrain, only some of these may be recommended.